The First Suspicion

The First Suspicion

On the eve of Thanksgiving 1971, I was sitting at home with my wife Loretta when the news of the hijacking flashed on the television screen. As we listened to the details of that night’s happenings, I realized with a jolt that the hijacker’s behavior sounded very similar to Walt’s; and he’d long talked about how to pull off a robbery with a parachute.

I turned to Loretta and exclaimed, “What the hell did Walt just do?”

I had no proof, of course, and hadn’t seen Walt in years, and actually had no idea where he was living at the time. But the actions of the hijacker sounded very similar to the way Walt had acted during the Big Boy Robbery. And those who knew him, knew that he definitely had it in him.

My first suspicion was that infamous night in 1971. I wouldn’t begin to actively investigate this until 1998, and didn’t have convincing truth until 2008, when Walt confessed the crime to me in a phone conversation.


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