Who is Carl Laurin?

Who is Carl Laurin?

My name is Carl Laurin and I’m the author of  D.B. Cooper and Me. D.B. Cooper’s real name was Walt, and he was my best friend.


He and I made countless parachute jumps together back when we were younger. We jumped during snow storms, in the dark, over forests and from planes that should never have left the ground. We jumped with broken arms, broken legs and tattered chutes. We were reckless and stupid, but man – did we ever live! Walt and our group of friends, who were members of the Michigan Parachute Club (MPC), worried about nothing except what our next adventure would be.  

For more than four decades, my wife Loretta and I have suspected that my friend Walt had managed to pull off the infamous hijacking of Northwest Orient Flight 305 on the eve of Thanksgiving in 1971. We didn’t see him very much for the next twenty years. His life was somewhat of a mystery to his family and me. It wasn’t until 1998, during a reunion of the MPC, that I began what would end up being a twenty-year investigation into that notorious night and beyond. What I uncovered was startling. I soon realized that the Cooper hijacking was the least dangerous and arguably the least interesting thing that Walt had done with his life.


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