D.B. Cooper's Niece


Lisa Story is the daughter of Sandy, Walter’s younger sister. She has provided critical evidence and insight to the investigation into Walter Reca’s life.

In early conversations with Carl Laurin, the Principia Media team realized that there were actually two stories from Walt that were critical to the investigation: Carl’s perspective as a friend and fellow parachutist, and the family perspective from Walt’s niece, Lisa.

In May 2016, Lisa and her mother were invited to Carl’s house in Florida as the Principia team began filming the documentary. Lisa was able to not only corroborate much of Carl’s information, but also add a fresh perspective and important information unknown to Carl. Lisa’s input was critical to the investigation into Walt’s “dark years” - the times when he was overseas and out of touch with most family and friends except for his occasional brief visits to see his mother, sister, and Lisa.


The Confession

In addition to her firsthand witness to Walt’s character and relationship with her mother, Lisa also testified to Walt’s confession. In 2013, Lisa and her mother made their annual visit to Walter in Michigan from their home in Las Vegas, NV. During this trip, Walter handed Lisa a typed confession which Carl had assisted him in drafting. He asked Lisa to help him notarize the confession. Lisa’s first reaction was disbelief. She turned to her Uncle Walt to ask, “Is this true?”

Walter said it was. He shared some details of the skyjacking and his life afterwards in the intelligence community. His motive, he said, was simple: “Better to be dead than poor.”

Knowing the potential legal implications of this confession, Lisa and her mother convinced Walt to not sign the document. He eventually gave in, and the written confession went unsigned.  


The Evidence 

Among the pieces of evidence shared by Lisa is a leather-bound KGB identification with Walter’s photo and information, which was said to have provided entrance into any Iron Curtain country. During his years in the intelligence community, this identification would have been invaluable.