Lead Investigator

The Need for a Professional Investigator

The Principia Media team realized that the claim of Walter Reca being the real D.B. Cooper would, and should, be under intense scrutiny by the public. The case is primarily based on verbal and written evidence. While Carl seemed truthful, this investigation required a professional and objective opinion regarding not just Carl but our witness Jeff Osiadacz, Walter’s niece Lisa Story, Carl’s wife Loretta, and of course Walter himself. Principia Media enlisted the services of a highly respected investigator, certified fraud examiner, and forensic linguist, Joe Koenig.


Lead Investigator Joe Koenig

Joe Koenig retired from the Michigan State Police after 26 years of service and has over 50 years of investigative experience in both public and private sectors. He was the lead investigator on the James R. Hoffa case and has investigated homicides, organized crime, financial crimes, narcotics, and public corruption. He is past president of the Michigan FBI National Academy Associates and now owns and operates KMI Investigations, specializing in financial fraud investigations.

Joe evaluated the following pieces of evidence to determine whether Walter Reca really was D.B. Cooper:


  • Audio taped conversations between Carl Laurin and Walter Reca

  • Carl Laurin’s testimony

  • Loretta Laurin’s testimony

  • Jeff Osiadacz’s testimony


      Here is an example of how Joe evaluated the taped conversations:


      Joe also provided analysis of the separate interviews, documents, and research provided by Carl:


      Read Joe’s book to get his final analysis and reasons for it.